E3 Logistics Footprint

E3 Logistics enjoys a considerable footprint throughout Namibia and South Africa as well as international freight capabilities thanks to an international affiliate, Desert Logistics Forwarding. Our footprint includes a number of depots in Johannesburg and Cape Town as well as depots in Walvis Bay and Oshakati. The E3 Logistics head office is in Windhoek.

Collection and Delivery Fleet

We own and operate a number of vehicles capable of dealing with any freight volume, from small to very large. In addition we employ the services of affiliates to ensure that all fright gets to its destination on time, every time.

Windhoek Fleet

  • Three 1 ton delivery vehicles
  • One half ton trailer
  • Seven 2.8 ton panel vans including Iveco and Sprinter
  • One 26 ton Line Haul Vehicle
  • One 4 ton Pick-up truck

Walvis Bay & Oshakati Fleet

  • Three half ton delivery vehicles
  • One 1 ton delivery vehicle
  • One 8 ton Line Haul Truck

Johannesburg Fleet

  • One half ton vehicle
  • Three 1 ton vehicles
  • one 8 ton Line Haul Truck

Cape Town Fleet (affiliated)

  • four 1.5 ton pick-up trucks
  • six 2.8 ton panel vans (Sprinters)
  • one 8 ton capacity

Value Added Services

  • Customer Service Desk – The customer service desk is an invaluable link between us and you the client. Here you can arrange all pick-up instructions as well as make any and all enquiries and complaints.
  • Mobile Management – Both the General Manager as well as the Operations Manager can be reached at all times via mobile connection. This includes Blackberry connection (Operations Manager). Communication can be carried out via email, BBM or SMS.
  • Parcel Perfect System – Parcel information can be data captured at the point of receipt (depot) and, once fed into the system, can be bar coded (including printed bar code labels); all parcels can then be scanned each and every time they are handled throughout the transportation chain.
  • Track-and-Trace – Clients can track their parcels ‘live’ throughout the transportation process.
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